P3 / 2020

At Home

In the wake of Covid-19, the world has changed in ways that no one could have expected.


Each of us has processed and adapted to the events of the last few months in our own way. In an effort to stay connected and support one another through these unprecedented times, we created At Home: a series of stories documenting the experience.

Role Production, Art Direction, Visual Design, Motion Design
Client Upperquad
With Upperquad
Awards Webby Awards - Best Navigation Awwwards - SOTD, DEV, Mobile, SOTM nominee FWA - SOTD CommArts WebPick Typewolf - SOTD EditorX: Best of Web Design of 2020

Over the course of twelve weeks, we conducted more than 60 interviews with makers in four cities. In this effort, we broadly defined a maker as anyone who creates and takes pride in their craft: painters, nail artists, business artists, mixologists, beekeepers, musicians and creators, among others. We started at home in Berlin and expanded to San Francisco, London and New York City in subsequent editions.

Bold, intentional features

The gravity of the situation had a large impact on the design. The grand scale and placement of the name, “At Home,” is meant to feel grounded—almost ominously or overwhelmingly so. The landing page is intentionally stripped back of everything, allowing our core question “How are makers experiencing the effects of the global pandemic?” to linger with a pause.

Support Makers

Prior to reaching out to makers, the team put together a resource list to help support one another. This was the first step in the journey of what became At Home and we felt it belonged on the site as a way for readers to make a difference.


We were lucky to work with talented photographer Helge Mundt to capture portraits of the Berlin interviewees. With his help, this allowed us to provide a real, visual look at the situation in Berlin. Each maker was photographed from a distance either from the balcony or window, at home or in their private workspace.