P2 / 2021

Violent White Supremacy

In an era of heightened uncertainty and global connectivity, violent white supremacy is flourishing.


In the wake of an extremist attack, all eyes instinctively turn to the attacker. Questions of who and why press to the forefront of coverage as we collectively search for an explanation. But the methods of radicalization, the underlying how and when, are less often discussed. The predominant narrative tends to characterize these attacks as “lone wolf” incidents, suggesting that the attackers worked alone. But this myth obscures the vast, underlying infrastructure of white supremacist online communities around the world.

Our role in this was to tell this story in an engaging thought provoking narrative. Inviting the use through a mutli layered experience from data driven metrics, so personal and intimate stories of people falling down the rabbit hole of racism.

Role Art Direction, Visual Design
Client Jigsaw/Google
With Upperquad
Awards Awwwards - SOTD, DEV FWA - SOTD Commarts - Web Picks Webby Awards - Best Editorial


Data collected by the University of Maryland's Global Terrorism Database allowed us to see and analyse documented extremist attacks globally since 1970. The last decade reveals a striking rise in violent attacks. Focusing on three countries, the United States of America, The United Kingdom and Germany allowed us to build an engaging narrative and pinpoint the rise of recent violent white supremacy and its root causes.

Art Direction

The use gritty, pencil drawings in dramatic chiaroscuro to reflect the serious tone of Jigsaw's research in this issue of the Current. Blurring the illustrations on the scroll emphasises the dissolving barriers that allow violent white supremacy to spread online.