P12 / 2019

Shadows in the Dark

Without Identification, people are invisible


Over 1 billion people lack one of the most important basic rights: they cannot prove who they are. Without valid ID, basic services like healthcare, education, banking, and voting are out of reach. Without proof of ID – these people are invisible.

To announce their documentary series in an engaging way, World Identity Network approached us to create an experience that would build awareness around the subjects of human trafficking, modern slavery and sexual slavery and engage one important supporter - Richard Branson.
 With a timeline of 48 hours we designed and developed an experience that would aesthetically support the heavy subject matter and, at a later date, the documentary too.

Note: This has been iterated and evolved on since last working on it.

Role Interaction Design, UX Design
Client Gladeye
With World Identity Network

How to tell stories

With “breaking down barriers” at the forefront of this experience we created an execution that would allow users to explore the topics effortlessly. We did this by utilising an infinite scroll system supported by emotive hero images to engage with viewers empathy, We further built upon this direction with the use of an angular font and a stark colour palette.