P10 / 2018

Flavour Finder

A kinaesthetic coffee experience.


We were challenged to develop an application experience that would give the intangible experience of tasting coffee, a tangible one. From this, we developed Allpress Flavour Finder, a touchable interface designed for mobile browsers.

As the experience of flavour itself, Allpress Flavour Finder is personal. It first asks users to choose a coffee, that choice is made in a touchable card interface that includes delightful abstract animations of Allpress designs.

Role Motion Design
Client Allpress Expresso
With Gladeye
Awards Best Design Awards - Sliver - Digital Campaigns Best Design Awards - Sliver - Product

Mixing Mediums

Designed to be used at launch events, we wanted the application to be used with a phone in one hand and a coffee in the other to complete the kinaesthetic experience and make it feel like an extension of the coffee.