P9 / 2020

Exit Films

From film
to digital


Exit Films is the leading commercial studio in New Zealand and Australia where artists and directors alike could work in an independent setting, creating collaborative and unique work.

To embody this, we were tasked with creating a website that would put the talent that the studio works with at the forefront. My role was in this project was to come up with an engaging way for the user to view the directors' work, and at the same time, interweaving elements of the brand into the site to create an immersive experience.

Role Art Direction, Visual Design, Production
Client Exit Films
With Gladeye
Awards Best Design - Small Scale Websites - Bronze

Dynamic shift

To translate the brand into the digital space, we elected to have the transitions between the directors following the angle of the X from the companies name. This was a twofold decision, as mentioned, added an element of branding, but also gave a unique twist to the site increasing engagement, giving the viewer something to remember.

Ever wanted to feel like an editor?

Painstakingly looking over every frame for that perfect thumbnail? Well, now you can. We wanted to bring the editors' experience out of the dark, and give users something to play with so we developed a scrub like system, where each of the directors had one second of the film the users could interact with.