P4 / 2021

Accessibility Ally

Making the internet
more egalitarian


No website is built with the intention of excluding people with disabilities. Educating our users in these core areas, such as accessible colours, font sizes and heading structures, and finally in an increase in alt text use for screen readers.

This project came from one of our Hackweek projects at Squarespace. This happens twice a year in which we take a week off our day to day routine and work on new ideas and products.

Role Design Lead
Client Squarespace
With Peter Colón

Solving for the most common problems

To understand how accessibility issues can occur, you need to understand how people with disabilities access and use websites. The some of these disabilities are, but limited to , blindness and low vision, limited movement or motion sickness

By ensuring our users have an inclusive website that is accessible to a diverse range of people, we're helping to set them up for the best levels of success